Destiny hasn't been dominating the news quite the same way that it was last year and the year before that. However, there's always one thing that keeps a game at the top of headlines: rumors. In this case, the rumor was that Destiny would be including ammo microtransactions, but Activision has shut down that rumor.

Game Informer is reporting that Activision has responded to a rumor that spurred to life on VG 24/7 where a source supposedly told them that Destiny would be receiving microtransactions for weapon ammo. Specifically, that the microtransactions would be heavy ammo synth.

According to Game Informer, they were informed by e-mail that Activision simply told them “We're not doing that.” Thus, squashing the rumor.

This comes after other rumors were spread about Destiny 2 being pushed out of 2016 and into 2017, even though Activision and Bungie never even announced that a sequel to Destiny was in development, much less that it was coming in late 2016.

The rumors about the game being pushed out of 2016 supposedly came from multiple sources and Activision has yet to readily shut it down, but then again if they said that the rumors weren't true, then they would be indirectly confirming that Destiny 2 is coming.

According to the Game Informer article, the company is deliberating on what kind of content they should withhold and release as DLC for the original Destiny and what kind of content they should allow to go into the sequel. There's only one thing they need to commit to 100%: no Xbox 360 or PS3 release for the sequel.

The last game was severely hampered in terms of content and quality due to having massive limitations from the seventh generation consoles. They're now both a decade old and any cross-generational game at this point is going to have to limit its design to hardware that was made back in 2005 and 2006. It's a huge blow to PS4 and Xbox One owners because it means smaller maps, frequent load times, fewer on-screen objects, fewer on-screen enemies and an overall smaller scope.

From around the community, some gamers seem to be expressing boredom with Destiny at this point and it shouldn't be too surprising. The large scale DLC expansions seem to have come to an end for now and the only thing Bungie has been focusing on is balancing the game and tweaking it with some new armor and items here and there, scattered throughout various miscellaneous events.

The year 2016 might be a good for Destiny 2 to come out considering that they would otherwise need to consider some other kind of expansion to hold gamers over until 2017. Of course, 2017 is a much better date in terms of giving Bungie a three year cycle on the development of the next installment. And more development time is always better. But for now, a sequel to the sci-fi shooter is all just speculation and rumor. At least we know that the current iteration of the game will not feature any microtransactions for weapon ammo.
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