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Destiny's most difficult challenge to date, the Kings Fall Raid set to hard difficulty, is finally available to stomp Fireteams into the dirt and make them wish they had—What's that? It was beaten within two hours of launching? Well okay then.

At this point, we should be used to Destiny players pulling off some pretty impressive feats. Once extremely difficult challenges are now being completed solo, without firing a gun, upside-down and possibly from beyond the grave. It's like you folks are trying to come up with more and more insane ways to master what many consider to be a formidable challenge.

The bar for the King's Fall hard mode was set rather quickly this time around, with the official Bungie twitter feed announcing Clan Forever LivE was the first to pull it off, in less than two hours to boot.

According to the tweet, which included the picture below, the team managed a combined 170 kills throughout the mission with a group kill/death ratio of 24.29, 93 assists and only seven deaths. That's something worth celebrating.

Not to belittle Forever LivE's accomplishment, but the hard mode of King's Fall doesn't exactly change anything other than the difficulty, meaning you take less damage, the enemies take more and certain shields and effects are thrown in for good measure. Again, that's an extremely difficult obstacle for most folks to overcome in Destiny but, assuming they've worked out a pretty good system for the mission at this point, they at least didn't have to figure out any new puzzles, paths or weaknesses.

As for the official time, the team clocked in at about one hour and 17 minutes. The only disappointing thing here, outside of the fact that the hard raid didn't turn out to be as difficult as some folks were hoping, is that the buzz around the internet is that the team was anything but humble about their achievement. We get that trash talking was going back and forth between groups of streamers and all of that lame macho BS, but lacking grace in victory is just bad form.

As for the mission's difficulty, this is one of those cases of Destiny players wanting to have their cake and eat it too. We complained for so long about enemies being bullet sponges or hordes becoming ridiculous, so the team at Bungie appear to have shied away from just making it take longer to kill enemies or piling more into the room. The problem is, outside of making those very bland adjustments, there aren't a lot of ways to make an FPS that much harder.

Still, these are some top-tier players we're talking about, so of course they're going to be able to handle whatever changes get added more easily than your average Joe. Remember that most folks took around five or so hours to clear Kings Fall the first time through, and that was after much trial and error. In case this news has you thinking you're not in for a challenge, get your team together, dive in and let us know what you think.
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