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DefendtheHouse has released the first installment in their new "Mythbusters" series for Destiny. The video provides Guardians with some helpful tips that could save their lives out on the battlefield.

The video starts by focusing on the Sparrow, the vehicle used by players to traverse Destiny's worlds. The Sparrow isn't armed with weapons but can be used to lethal effect. The Mythbusters video proves that you can use the Sparrow to flatten enemies, even if you dismount before impact. However, the enemy is at very low health in both examples they show. Bungie didn't want to make things too easy for us.

The next "myth" they proved involved aiming. If you aim down your sights while crouched behind cover such as a rock or crate, you'll peek over it. I'm not sure anyone actually doubted this, but it's a helpful thing to know when you're trying to stay safe in a gunfight.

DefendtheHouse also revealed some interesting details on Guardians' class abilities. Ward of Dawn, the huge protective shield created by Titans, doesn't stack on top of another Ward of Dawn. If you're doing a raid with two or more Titans, in other words, you should avoid casting your Wards at the same time.

What they uncovered about the Warlock's Axiom Bolt is far more interesting, though. The Axiom Bolt is a grenade that breaks into smaller bolts that home in on enemies. It's potent enough to kill enemies who find themselves in the blast radius. However, as this video shows, there's a way to avoid death: sit down. The homing bolts will just circle around the enemies' heads, unable to locate them. Eventually they blow up but they cause a survivable amount of damage to the seated Guardians.

Is this a good idea in a Crucible match? Probably not. The person who threw the Axiom Bolt, or some other enemy, will probably just shoot you in the face while you're standing up. As someone who plays a Warlock, though, I do hope that players try this trick. I could use a few easy kills.

The remaining myth in the video concerns Hobgoblins, those annoying Vex shock troops. They cover themselves with a thermal shield after taking heavy damage. You don't need to wait for this shield to expire, though. Here, we see a Hunter run up and stab the Hobgoblin in the chest.

I imagine that the "loot cave" in Old Russia was going to be part of this video as well initially. However, Bungie squashed it with a hotfix last week.

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