Mythbusters Clip Going Viral For Showing How Quickly Germs Spread

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Though it has been a long time since Jaime Hyneman and Adam Savage have collaborated, their classic episodes of Mythbusters continue to be relevant each and every day. This is especially true in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, in which one experiment in particular is making its rounds across the web.

The experiment in question comes from Mythbusters' flu episode, which dispelled the myths and realities of catching the illness. In the experiment, Adam Savage played a person with a runny nose and hosted a 30-minute dinner party to see how many of his attendees would be infected by his germs. Check out the video and be reminded of this at the next dinner party you attend once social distancing comes to an end.

Adam Savage managed to contaminate all but one of his party attendees in the span of 30 minutes. The only person untouched was Kari Byron who, by her own admission, is a germaphobe. Using her real-world experience and methods for avoiding other people's germs, she was able to stay clear of Savage's nasal drippings. The same was not true of Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara, who were also trying to conduct the experiment as if they too were germaphobes.

The message many may be trying to send in sharing this classic Mythbusters clip is simple, it's very hard to avoid other people's germs. Even folks thinking they're doing all the right things can fall victim, especially when forced into situations where avoiding contact between others is a social faux pas. Sure, there will be those honest enough to avoid shaking a hand, but a good deal more that will do it anyway just to avoid the awkward exchange post-rejection.

This Mythbusters experiment is as relevant to watch as it ever was as governments around the world urge citizens to use caution to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The illness has struck actors and actresses alike, and productions on various shows and movies are being halted in an effort to essentially keep those with runny noses from shaking hands with otherwise healthy people. It means far less dinner parties in the short term, but if what's happening in this video is happening at those parties, that's a good thing.

Adam Savage may not be the host of Mythbusters anymore, but he's still doing his part in helping spread information regarding COVID-19 to his online following. Unfortunately, he's not doing more videos where he rubs runny nose goop on people, but he is sharing relevant information to questions those in self-quarantine may have during these uncertain times.

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Unfortunately, the coronavirus situation has not inspired Jamie Hyneman to make a rare social media appearance. That's not too surprising considering very little has since he ended his run on Mythbusters, but crazier things have happened in the past few weeks. Who knows, perhaps a lot of time in quarantine will get him back to posting, and one step closer to that reunion with Adam Savage Mythbusters fans would love to see.

Old episodes of Mythbusters can be streamed right now on Discovery Go, which is available to anyone with a cable television provider. Check it out and continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest news in television and movies.

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