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Destiny's Newest Weapons Have Been Revealed, Here's How To Get Them

Destiny players will be able to find new five weapons in the shared-world shooter in a few days. From the look of their stats, you're going to want them for your collection.

All of these new weapons can be found in Hard Mode for the Crota's End raid. Bungie said in their Weekly Update that each can be upgraded to a Maximum Attack of 331.

The first four are primary Legendary weapons. Here's a run-down of each gun's capabilities:

  • Abyss Defiant (auto rifle) - causes solar damage, projectiles have a chance to disorient Hive wizards
  • Word of Crota (hand cannon) - causes void damage, has increased stability after causing damage, returns one round to magazine after landing three precision hits
  • Oversoul Edict (pulse rifle) - causes arc damage, can be fired in full auto mode, overpenetrates through Hive Knight's Wall of Darkness
  • Fang of Ir Yût (scout rifle) - causes arc damage, radar stays active while zoomed in

The final weapon to find in Crota's End Hard Mode is called Necrochasm. This Exotic auto rifle reloads faster after you perform melee kills and has increased range when you aim down the sights. Precision kills with the Necrochasm "frequently" trigger Cursed Thrall explosions.

Necrochasm is the hardest weapon of all to earn. It's not just a drop. Instead, it requires several steps outside of Hard Mode:

  1. Kill an enemy called Blade of Crota on Earth or the Moon to get Husk of the Pit, a Normal quality auto rifle. An easy way to find a Blade of Crota is to do The Dark Below's "Fist of Crota" story mission on Earth.
  2. Purchase an Embalming Orb from Eris Morn. This crafting item requires 10 Black Wax Idols, dropped by Hive Majors/Ultras. You also need Reputation Rank 3 with Eris.
  3. Use the Embalming Orb to upgrade Husk of the Pit to Eidolon Ally, a Legendary auto rifle.
  4. Play the Hard Mode of Crota's End and acquire Crux of Crota. This item presumably drops after the fight against Crota.
  5. Upgrade the Eidon Ally to Necrochasm.

Weapons aren't the only rewards waiting for you in Crota's End. They're the most useful, though. The other Hard Mode rewards announced by Bungie are a new ship called Bane of the Dark Gods and a shader called Glowhoo. They're simply ways to show other players that you're among the most skilled players in the game.

Bungie says that Crota's End Hard Mode will unlock on Tuesday morning. If you're looking for a challenge to tackle until then, try the Normal Mode of the raid again. It's a lot harder now that the most common exploits no longer work. Or who knows, maybe you'll find another way to cheese it.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.