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So it looks like Destiny’s greatest challenge isn’t all that challenging after all, as a dude managed to breeze through the game’s top-tier content, the Crota’s End raid, all by his lonesome.

Okay, all big talking silliness aside, the player “sc Slayerage” has pulled off a pretty impressive feat here. If you want to bang your chest and talk big about a lack of challenge in Destiny, be my guest, but if nobody can say that the raids are a walk in the park, especially the new DLC romp, and doubly so if you’re playing it solo rather than with the recommended full team of six leveled-up companions.

As Eurogamer is reporting, though, that’s exactly what has happened, as sc Slayerage has the video footage to prove it.

If you’re playing around the recommended level in Destiny, you usually won’t experience too much trouble in the main campaign. The strikes pump up the pressure a bit, though, with the original Vault of Glass raid managing to push many-a Guardian to their limit. People eventually figured out how to cheese their way through it with minimal effort, sure, but as was the case with the fabled Loot Cave, that isn’t exactly how the game was made to be played.

Once Destiny’s first DLC dropped, The Dark Below offered up a few more challenging levels, some additional strikes to beef up the challenge, and an even more demanding raid called Crota’s End. I haven’t personally made it through this raid yet, but I’ve watched plenty of folks streaming gameplay these past couple of weeks and every single one of them have either had to battle their hearts out or given up along the way.

Then in struts sc Slayerage, sneakily passing through its many corridors with ease and toppling the final foe in a mere 33 minutes. Again, it’s a bit of a cheese technique, but you’ve gotta respect the guy for figuring it out. Also, solo is about the only way you could have gotten away with this. No way in hell six players could coordinate the clever use of abilities in order to skirt past so many enemies.

In case you didn’t bother to watch the video, sc Slayerage utilizes his Hunter’s abilities to turn invisible and just mosey on through loads of enemies half of the time while spending the other half of the time utilizing some fancy gear/class/ability swapping to more easily handle certain enemies. It’s probably not the way Bungie intended Crota’s End to be played, and some of the tactics feel a little on the cheap side but, again, that doesn’t take away from the accomplishments of 1)Figuring all of this out and 2)Actually playing the game like a champ in multiple areas. He basically turns the game into a math problem and then solves it Good Will Hunting style for the world to see, which is impressive in and of itself.
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