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If you thought that Crota's End was tough with a group of friends, and you thought it was only barely beatable on Hard Mode with a few skilled players, imagine when one player uploaded a video of him playing through Crota's End all by his lonesome and in less than 30 minutes.

You can check out the video below courtesy of YouTuber The Legend Himself [via GameSpot].

As mentioned in the Gamespot piece, the entire run was completed in just 26 minutes with a Sunsinger Warlock. It was done using some extremely high-end gear, and the Gamespot article mentions that a heavy ammo glitch was utilized.

What's absolutely shocking to me is that he avoided glitching his way through Crota's End. He avoided the lamp post glitch that was fairly popular after Bungie tried patching out that particular bit of exploitation, and he actually doesn't use the mountain glitch to despawn all the enemies in the area by the time he gets to the citadel. I have to say, I'm genuinely impressed and fairly shocked... especially since this guy was rocking Crota's End all alone, where-as others were only able to beat the raid in under 30 minutes with a bit of help.

He gets through the lamps and the weight of darkness in just under six minutes, and then proceeds across the bridge and through the citadels, taking out the Gatekeepers with relative ease, and then at the 16 minute and 30 second mark, the sound dies out and the video has some recording problems. However, the fight with Crota proceeds and like the Destiny pro that he is, he alternates between weapons to take down the Gatekeepers and deal some righteous hurting to Crota.

Now if you're thinking about mimicking this kind of play-style to solo Crota from the Dark Below all on your own, keep in mind that this was done with a level 32 Warlock.

For those that don't know, trying to reach or surpass level 30 is already a difficult feat to accomplish in Destiny, so attempting to hit level 32 is like a rarity amongst rarities.

In addition to the high-end equipment and a decked out level 32, the other issue is knowing when to switch out weapons, how to make use of the sword and when to keep the pressure on to go for the kills and when to fall back.

The dangerous element to the solo run is that there's no real way to know for sure that you're doing things right unless you're not ending up dead. There's no fallback plan or reinforcements to rely on. It's just you.

Despite being in such a difficult predicament, the solo-runner manages to come out on top. It's a harrowing experience for any Destiny player to imagine themselves taking on Crota all alone, but if you have the time, patience, skill and loadout to do so, you can use the video above as a bit of a guide for running the raid all by yourself.
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