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Yet another seemingly impossible feat has been orchestrated and recorded in Destiny, this time featuring a group of players who have managed to complete the game's toughest raid, Crota's End, without firing a single shot. I'll just give you a moment to let the last part of that sentence sink in.

I'm trying to think of a decent comparison to make for non-Destiny players to appreciate the scope of this latest achievement, but I'm coming up blank. I think everyone at least gets that this is a first-person-shooter and that Crota's End is full of hundreds of enemies that, typically, you'd need to shoot a hell of a lot in order to defeat them.

Whereas most Crota's End runs feature countless bullets flying across the maps, these folks managed to beat the entire event using just melee attacks, a bunch of skills and a group of Titans who were specifically geared at creating this insane series of events. I'm sure it'll be patched up soon but, for the meantime, we've got some recorded proof for you, courtesy of reddit. The run is a bit lengthy, so the team broke it up into three separate videos. If nothing else, it actually serves as a decent tutorial on how to get out of some sticky situations, which can be helpful even if you aren't planning on cheesing your way through a raid.

For starters, here's the intro to the mission and the opening slapfights.

Here's section two of the raid.

And here's that last push to the end.

It's easy to see stuff like this and think, “those guys have way too much time on their hand,” or “why don't you beat it like you're supposed to, instead of taking the cheesy way out.” Clearly these folks have beaten Crota's End a number of time, likely in many ways, in order to figure this series of tricks out. As for their dedication to the game, you kind of have to respect anyone who learns a game so well they can pick it apart like this.

My only real concern is what the hell is next? Destiny is a big game and people keep finding more and more impressive ways to get through some of its toughest content. Originally, simply beating the raids was an impressive feat. Then folks started doing it solo, or with terrible guns. Now we've got folks waltzing through an FPS without messing with the “S” part of that equation. I can only assume that next week, some Destiny player is going to post a video of them soloing Crota while standing on their head and reciting the alphabet backwards, over and over again.
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