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Bungie has issued a new challenge to Destiny players. They can earn a special bonus for their character by defeating a select group of players in the Crucible this week.

"It’s high time we got back to the business of inviting you to hunt some poor souls in the Crucible for honor, bragging rights, and a chance at winning a very rare element of vanity," Bungie community manager David Dague said on the company's website. "The Bungie Bounty is being placed on some heads again. This time, we’ve targeted the staff of our most venerable community outlet."

The outlet in question is Bungie.org, a fan community centered around Bungie's various games. The site, founded in 1998, features official news from Bungie as well as community creations like short stories or machinima. Co-founder Claude Errera (aka Louis Wu) is one of the targets for the Destiny bounty.

The Bungie.org members are joined by Dague for the bounty. You can find these six targets in the Control playlist on Xbox 360 under the following usernames:
  • Louis Wu
  • Beorn
  • Gwath Gil
  • XenosKB
  • Malagate
  • DeeJ BNG
If you can defeat them, you'll earn the Sign of Opposing Will emblem for your Guardian. It's the same emblem that they offered in a previous Bungie Bounty:

Sign of Opposing Will

"If they can defend their honor, we’ll adorn them with the marvelous bubble. Matchmaking is not assured. You’ll have to patrol the playlist. Good hunting to all."

This Bungie Bounty will be available from 7 PM to 9 PM Pacific on Wednesday. If you're unable to participate, you can still watch the action through Bungie's Twitch channel.

Bungie has an even bigger challenge planned for Destiny players in the near future. Dague says that they think "no one will claim" this upcoming bounty. It's tough not to be at least a little curious after that bold claim. We'll let you know when they make an official announcement.

While they keep players occupied with these smaller events, Bungie is working on the second expansion pack to the game. House of the Wolves, like The Dark Below, should add a range of cooperative and competitive content to the shooter. Bungie revealed this weekend, however, that Wolves will correct some earlier mistakes they made with the games loot system. Their goal, they said, is to "lessen the grind and get players to the fun parts of their arsenal faster."