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Destiny's next major patch, potentially the last before expansion House of Wolves arrives, should make a number of most-requested fixes to the game. On Thursday night, Bungie ran down their priorities for this patch.

For starters, Patch 1.1.2 will expand the size of players' vaults. This is a feature that Bungie has teased on more than one occasion and I'm glad to see them following through on that promise. The extra vault space should be very handy once House of Wolves introduces new loot for players to collect.

Bungie has plans to refine Destiny's various group activities.. They promise to take care of the "worst bugs" still afflicting Atheon and Crota, the end-bosses for the game's two raids. With Strikes, they might be tuning some of these co-op missions.

"The numbers tell us that there are some missions that are successfully completed far less than others, inspiring us to look at why people quit," said Bungie in their new Weekly Update.

The Crucible may also be getting tweaked. Bungie isn't happy with how ammo crates "dictate the flow of the battle." Perhaps we'll see a change in when or where these crates spawn during matches?

Finally, Bungie says that they're looking at providing more options for the game's visuals and sound. Like so many items on this to-do list, this was vague but we'll find out more details soon. Bungie reiterated that Patch 1.1.2 is "weeks away" so they've got plenty of time to roll out details on each aspect of the patch.

They stress that all of these priorities may not make it into the patch. They still haven't nailed down a final list of features just yet. Even if some of these changes don't make it into 1.1.2, though, I imagine players will see them sometime in the near future.

"We need to pick improvements that we can design, build, test, and release with quality in a given timeframe," explained lead producer Matt Priestley in the Weekly Update. "That starts with Design and Player Support nominating a set of changes. We put our ideas on the whiteboard and try to drive an acceptable Design and Test plan for each of them before our internal cutoff date. Our first job is to start with a big ambition. Our second job is to scope to what we can actually get done. Many ideas don’t meet our standards for the time we have."

Destiny's second expansion pack, House of Wolves, is scheduled to arrive this Spring. Bungie suggested last week that Update 1.1.2 might be the last patch before the expansion goes live. That sounds like good news to players hoping that "Spring" doesn't end up meaning "the last week of June."

Bungie's been very tight-lipped about House of Wolves. Everything we know, or think we know, is due to alleged leaks. The most recent of these leaks suggested Wolves would add a new social hub to the game set in The Reef, a location briefly visited in the campaign.
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