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Bungie is keeping Destiny fresh and alive with some new challenges. The first of those challenges is a Warpriest event that will see players pushed to their limits in how they mix up their strategies to defeat him.

GameRant took note that the Challenge Mode for the Warpriest boss during the King's Fall raid is currently live. What is the challenge? You and your team must defeat the Warpriest by having a different Aura holder throughout the boss fight.

This particular Destiny challenge went live in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, allowing hardcore players to start participating in the King's Fall raiding challenge for the first boss. The Warpriest was pretty difficult for a lot of players to battle against and if you still have trouble facing off against him or don't quite understand how the Aura works in the Challenge Mode, YouTuber Hush. The five minute video breaks down the very complicated step-by-step process in facing off against the Warpriest and how the Aura system works.

The Challenge itself – passing the Aura system around to each member of the team in order to defeat the Warpriest – may not be too difficult for many experienced players. It's just a matter of remembering the pattern of when to step onto the circles of light, and how to organize the trade-off on when a player should get the Aura and where they should die in order to keep the fight going.

If you aren't that much of a hardcore Destiny player then this probably isn't going to be all that exciting to you. In fact, it probably all just looks overly complicated and terribly exasperating. However, there is a dedicated fanbase around Destiny that crave new content on a regular basis, and Bungie has not shied away from engaging with the community in weekly events and regular updates.

GameRant suspects that this current Challenge Mode for the Warpriest in the King's Fall raid will be followed by another Challenge Mode for the Golgoroth boss, followed by yet another Challenge Mode for the big bad boss... Oryx.

The current event for the Warpriest sees item drops with a 320 artifact rating on Hard Mode. This means that players are likely to get some good gear out of the Challenge and rank up their equipment for whatever Bungie has in store for the next event.

Hardcore Destiny players will likely want to heavily farm the Challenge Mode especially when even on the normal setting items with a 310 Light rating will drop.

If you already own Destiny and the Taken King expansion you can start participating in the Challenge Mode for the Warpriest right now. If you don't have the Taken King then it's no big deal, you can just wait for the next big expansion to see if it fits your tastes a bit better.