Gamers looking to get competitive, make some friends and earn some rewards while doing so will be pleased to know that a new online social hub is opening up at Destructoid called “Fight”. The service is being opened in conjunction with Playhem that will allow gamers to compete against rivals or friends and earn rewards while doing so.

Charles Bellfield, interim CEO of commented in the press release, saying…
“With Destructoid’s community and Playhem’s technology, we’re excited to see the limitless possibilities” ... “Our job is to make sure Destructoid Fight is easy, safe and reliable so the community keeps on coming back for more.”

The great part about it is that you can use the service in conjunction with games you probably already own and play, so you can take those great fantastic skills from a game like Fight Night and let loose those elite skills like a righteous fury on any and all takers. The service also offers up community options like friends, chatting, clans and more.

You can check out a brief list of the games supported by the new service, and gamers interested can participate by signing up over at the Official Fight Website.

Games Supported By Fight

• Starcraft 2
• Super Street Fighter IV
• Marvel vs. Capcom 3
• FIFA 11
• NHL 11
• Madden NFL 11
• NCAA Football 11
• Fight Night Round 4
• Fight Night Champion

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