Eidos and Square-Enix have enjoyed some success with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but gamers are the ones who win because they not only get a great game but had the opportunity to experience one of the most original and profound soundtracks in gaming in recent years.

It was announced a while back that the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack was on the way, during our interview with Michael McCann. While the release date for the soundtrack is set for November 15th, gamers who really want to grab a copy of the noir-themed tunes can pre-order the soundtrack today from Amazon or the Tunes Store.

Michael McCann’s music was designed to fit the futuristic, neo-noir, cyberpunk atmosphere that Eidos Montreal brought to life. McCann stated that…
Even though the music changes intentionally to reflect changes in the story, I was also changing over that time, and bringing new ideas / techniques to the score. What I didn’t expect when starting the project was the very strong philosophical / religious / political themes that permeate the story. Reading the script for the first time really opened my eyes to how big the game world really was.

If you played the game enjoyed the music, or you’re fan of Michael McCann (also known as Behavior) and you just wanted some really cool neo-noir vibes to chill out to, then the Deus Ex: Human Revolution soundtrack would be a nice addition to your collection. Alternatively, if you wanted the full edit of the “Icarus” theme from the award winning Director’s Cut CG trailer, then that’s just another reason to pick up the soundtrack.

You can learn more about Deus Ex by visiting the Official Website. To pre-order the soundtrack be sure to visit iTunes or Amazon. The audio tracks for the game will be available starting November 15th.

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