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A very long time ago on a web page far, far away, Blend Games reported on a game that looked and played exactly like Devil May Cry, except it was an MMO. It has now been confirmed by Eden Entertainment that the Devil May Cry-esque action MMORPG, Last Online, will now be arriving on North American shores…but not for the Xbox 360 or PS3.

According to the press release…
Last Online provides diverse battle modes from PVP, PVE, 100 vs 100, guild battle, and castle siege. In Last Online, like a console game, a character is able to change weapons from short-range to long range simultaneously.

The game is set in modern-day Europe during a Mana Revolution where an alternate realm of demons and whatnot are invading the land. And yes, it’s up to players to put an end to it all.

Last Online’s gameplay is just a startling display of on-screen action, and incomparably awesome to be an MMO. The developers had to build an engine from the ground-up using proprietary technology to even support action that fast for an MMO. The game is set for closed-beta testing near the end of the first quarter of this year. You can visit the Official Website for more info on the game or check out some in-game footage below, courtesy of MMOSite.

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