There's quite a bit of news in this single article formed from a collage of disjointed but somewhat homological topics regarding the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, the rumored OS update and Final Fantasy XV being platform exclusive.

Gaming Bolt does a fine job of condensing all the information into a single post. The information itself comes from the notoriously accurate insider, Ashan Rasheed... A.K.A., Thuway.

The NeoGaf native and Twitter rumor extraordinaire offered a few more insights about some hot topics. First, up: The Xbox One's rumored OS update is set to bring a 10% performance boost to the overall user interface and system operations. This would be a much needed and appreciated patch.

Some gamers have questioned if that 10% performance boost comes at the expense of Microsoft's software system engineers potentially stripping away some of the reserve performance for the Kinect to put back into the system for faster operations and quicker load times. It's unlikely Microsoft would fondle with the golden goose, especially since they worked so hard to ensure that everyone who purchased an Xbox One ended up with a Kinect.

Still, a 10% performance boost is nary a thing to nag at. It will also hopefully alleviate some common user and media complaints regarding the system's menu performance.

One gamer questioned if this meant the Xbox One could finally do native 1080p at 60fps in certain third-party games, namely Assassin's Creed IV. Thuway, however, wisely avoided directly addressing the question by saying he “couldn't say anything” about it. For anyone who played third-party games like Assassin's Creed IV on the PS4 and Xbox One, you can obviously tell the difference in performance between the two outings, and hopefully the update will help address the framerate and graphics disparities.

Next up is a small bit about the exclusivity of Square-Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy XV. Rasheed simply stated...

He wisely explains that it was better in the long run that Sony opened another Naughty Dog studio instead of “moneyhatting” for a tired franchise like Final Fantasy. I honestly can't argue with him on that, especially when you look at the reception and backlash over Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel(s). While Square made good bank on initial sales, the poor showing really did tarnish the brand's overall appeal.

Last but most important is Thuway's retrospective on the way devs thought about the power difference between the Xbox One and PS4 when they were known by their OS codenames “Durango” and “Orbis”, stating on Twitter...
“In early 2012, when the PS4 had 4GB of GDDR5, a developer in the EU region claimed: “Durango tosses the Orbis in every metric.” … “When 8 GB of GDDR5 was announced, certain developers were literally speechless.”

The “Durango” specs refers to this roadmap below that we wrote about when the system specs for the Xbox One were leaked back in January of 2013.

That technical specification roadmap is very accurate. It's almost scary-surprising how much of that managed to be true.

At the time those specs looked impressive considering that the PS4 was rumored to be running slightly lower specs (or unrealistically high specs), with only 4GB of RAM and a similar APU. That was the case, just until Sony announced on stage just a month later that the PS4 would be rocking 8GB of GDDR5 shared memory. In layman terms: the PS4 had just as much RAM as the Xbox One but at a far faster access rate.

It's amazing how things rapidly turned around for the two consoles, with the PS4 picking up a 50% performance edge over the Xbox One in GPU performance and a slight nose-up in comparative CPU throughput.

My, how times have changed.

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