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The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Diablo 3 won't lag behind the PC and Mac edition for much longer. Blizzard says that they're going to roll out Patch 2.1 to new-gen consoles soon.

"The first major content update for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition is just around the corner!" said Blizzard's Stephanie "Lylirra" Johnson on the PlayStation Blog. Unfortunately, she didn't mention a release date.

Patch 2.1 introduces Greater Rifts, timed dungeons that players can access on Torment difficulty. Each level of the Rift has a boss that can be defeated for great loot. If you have time to spare, you can also move to the next, more difficult level of the Greater Rift. Players can keep progressing through the Greater Rift's infinite levels until time runs out. The further they get in the Rift, the better their rewards will be.

Both Greater and normal Rifts may take players to a new environment. The Cesspools are water-logged tunnels that were originally intended as the sewers of Westmarch in Reaper of Souls. No one really likes "sewer levels" in video games but maybe you'll appreciate the extra variety in Rifts nonetheless.

The patch also gives Treasure Goblins a new ability. When you kill them, they may spawn a portal to a dimension called "The Vault." This dungeon is loaded with treasure including gold and gems. However, it's also home to a new boss called the Baroness Greed.

In exploring the Greater Rifts or the Vault, players may earn new Legendary Gems. They can be socketed into Rings or Amulets to give your character new abilities. For example, the Gem of Efficacious Toxin will poison any enemies you hit. Bane of the Trapped, meanwhile, boosts damage against enemies under crowd-control effects. A new NPC named Urshi can upgrade your gems each time you complete a Greater Rift.

Patch 2.1 will introduce Ramaladni’s Gift as well. This Legendary has a chance to drop anywhere in the game world. You can use it to add a socket to any weapon without one. Unfortunately, this is a one-use item.

Interestingly, Blizzard's announcement today made no mention of Seasons. Seasons, part of the PC/Mac version of Patch 2.1, allow players to create fresh characters and then compete to see who can get the most progress. In doing so, they can earn new transmog gear as well as Legendaries that haven't been released within the wider game yet. It's unclear whether Blizzard has no plans to bring Seasons to PS4 and Xbox One or whether they're simply not included in the console version of Patch 2.1.

Diablo 3 launched on PS4 and Xbox One in August with the Reaper of Souls content as well as some exclusive features. Reviewers were pretty pleased with it.
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