Blizzard has a brand new patch rolling out for the home consoles, much to the excitement of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners who usually feel a bit neglected when it comes to Diablo 3 updates. The latest patch brings a number of new items, new sets and new designs for old sets.

Game Informer rolled out the details for the latest patch, detailing all the goods added to version 2.2.

There's three brand new sets added to the game, including the Wrath of the Wastes for the Barbarian, Unhallowed Essence for the Demon Hunter and Delsere's Magnum Opus for the Wizard.

This is all part of Blizzard's new approach to breathe some new life into the game. They're also doing so retroactively for older sets as well. In fact, more than 10 of the existing sets already featured in the game have been retroactively updated, including gear that players may already have equipped. This was done so that players won't have to go out and search for new versions of older equipment, it should automatically show up if it's in your inventory.

The team also introduced more than 20 brand new Legendary items. At one point these were the cream of the crop in most trading circles back when the RMAH was alive and active. It created a real fixation for some gamers who were bent on conquering the game's Inferno mode. Thankfully, Diablo 3 underwent a infrastructure epiphany and the auction houses that the game centered around so much were eventually removed. Funnily enough, the South Korean culture ministry already knew exactly what would happen with gamers obsessed with Diablo, and ensured that the Asian version of Diablo 3 would not include the RMAH right from the start.

In addition to the 20 brand new Legendary items, Blizzard has also redesigned 30 of the existing Legendary items already in the game. So if you've managed to be one of the rare lucky ones to get your hands on a Legendary, you may be surprised to find that it's been upgraded to fit the game's new set designs. However, it should be noted that for the Legendary items, the set redesigns is not retroactive for Legendaries already in your inventory. You will be required to seek out and reacquire the older Legendary items that have received the new designs, as mentioned in the patch notes...
“Old versions of these Legendary items found previous to this patch will not be automatically updated with redesigned powers, and will need to be found again to benefit from these changes.”

The team also upgraded a couple of other key elements in Diablo 3 with the latest patch, including three brand new treasure goblins that can be found in the Adventure Mode. Several of the game's existing monsters and Rift Guardians have also received a bit of a brush up and polish.

Despite having a rough start when it first launched in 2012, Diablo 3 has slowly regained its prominence through consistent updates, praise-worthy expansion packs and enough patches to help breathe some proper life back into the fun factors of the title. The biggest drawback, still, for PC gamers is that it's always-on and will probably stay that way for the remainder of its days. On the upside, at least Xbox One and PS4 owners can experience the thrill of playing Diablo 3 without having to worry about always being online.

Patch 2.2 is available right now for the Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo 3.
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