Bethesda made the morning of sneaky-stabby gamers everywhere this morning with their latest blog post. While some developers like to be cryptic or fall back on hyperbole when it comes to such announcements, Bethesda decided to keep things nice and simple, saying: “More Dishonored content on the way.”

With those six words, Bethesda has made it clear that your days of possessing rats and attaching explosives to their backs before running in amongst a host of city guards are not quite over. In their latest blog post, Bethesda has announced Dishonored's first batch of DLC, Dunwall City Trials. According to the post, Dunwall City Trials will arrive simultaneously on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC sometime this December for $4.99 (400 MSP). So what, exactly, will the DLC offer?

The Dunwall City Trials will be a collection of 10 challenge maps “that will test and track your combat, stealth and mobility skills.” Each map features its own challenge, including a race from point A to point B and an arena battle against multiple waves of enemies. Being so focused on challenges and pushing players to keep improving their personal bests, it's no surprise that the Dunwall City Trials will also feature a set of leaderboards to let you compare your skills against friends and the rest of the world.

Bethesda has also announced DLC packs two and three, both scheduled for release sometime in 2013. The second pack will be a story-driven bit of content focused on the leader of The Whalers, Daud, and is set to arrive in the spring. No further details were provided for DLC pack number three.

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