The actions carried out by Dishonored's protagonist, a supernatural assassin named Corvo, by players will have a considerable impact on the ending for Arkane Studios' stealth, action-adventure game.

The ending will be influenced via various factors dependant on what the player's actions are. Creative directors Raf Colantonio and Harvey Smith explained to Game Informer (via DSOGaming) that while enemies can be killed, they can also be spared, as well as the ability to kill innocent civilians. These decisions made by players will generally have a consequence of some sort.

The developers continued to state that Dishonored won't deliver either a good nor bad ending. The concept of saving individuals within the game to receive a positive ending or killing everyone in your sight for a 'bad' ending isn't favored by Arkane. Instead, there will be a diversity of actions that ultimately affect a players' endings. Naturally, then, any potential sequels won't be a direct successor to the game.

Dishonored is currently scheduled for a release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC sometime during 2012. Its positevely received debut trailer was recently released.

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