Arkane Studios has a new animated webseries to share for their assassination game Dishonored. "Tales from Dunwall" is a collection of prequels that fill in the backstory of the game world.

The prequels were created by Psyop. They're mostly hand-drawn, with 3D elements added in after the fact. Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass), one of the voice actors from the game, provides the voiceover. Daniel Licht, composer for Dexter and Dishonored, scored the prequels.

Episode 1, released today, focuses on the lower class of Dunwall. Many of the poor have been infected by a plague. The city guard is forced to take drastic action to keep the infection isolated.

Three episodes of "Tales" are planned in total. Dishonored will arrive on October 9th so Arkane will probably release the other episodes on the 2nd and 9th.

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