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Ubisoft has announced that The Division beta test for PS4, Xbox One and PC owners is live and online. Gamers have already begun to pile in and take part in the concurrent apocalyptic survival game where players will attempt to scavenge for supplies, fight off criminals and attempt to restore peace and order to the land.

Shacknews is reporting that the beta officially kicked off but some PC gamers ran into some troubles with accessing it. Various users reported that the beta would begin to load and then “fail”. Ubisoft was quick to spot the troubles and begin offering troubleshooting on their own forums to resolve the issue. You can check out the forum threads if you find yourself having any issues with accessing the game on PC.

So far PS4 and Xbox One gamers are having a field day and if you haven't joined in on the action because you haven't pre-ordered, Ubisoft released a promotion video covering the game's RPG mechanics to help entice outside observers and those of you still on the fence. You can check it out below.

The video is kind of an orientation for the beta, giving gamers an idea of what they can expect from the beta, what they can expect from the full game and what the general goal is in The Division.

For instance, we learn that players can help rebuild the bases throughout the city by bringing in more personnel, such as engineers, doctors and law enforcement, as well as help stave off a health crisis by commandeering medical supplies in various zones.

And speaking of zones... some players are already getting a taste of the PvP in the Dark Zone. It's funny but there are some complaints on the forums about the way the PvP works in The Division, with some players claiming that it's a kill-on-sight slaughter-fest at times even at the entrance to the Dark Zone. What's the point of camping the entrance if new players just entering have no loot? Grief.

Griefing makes up for a large part of the bandit methodology in DayZ as well. Organized groups who go around terrorizing other players with jeeps and helicopters and heavy equipment makes the game really intense. In the case of The Division, they don't have heavy armament so you won't have to worry about helicopters and gunships patrolling the area or being controlled by a troll who just keeps spawn camping you.

Nevertheless, the real challenge in the Dark Zone is getting some decent loot and exfiltrating without getting gunned down from behind. Some other YouTubers noted that they didn't have as many problems in the PvP zone so long as they let people know they meant no harm, and did jumping jacks as a show of solidarity.

If you pre-ordered The Division, you can join in on the action right now, or alternatively you can hit up YouTube and check out the user videos that will be plastered all over the service from now until the game's release date on March 8.