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The Division's Dark Zone Is Tested By The Mythbusters

While the television version of Mythbusters has been answering mankind's most pressing questions for years, the video game version is bringing everyone up to speed on the fact and fiction of our favorite virtual worlds. A pair of videos tackling Tom Clancy's The Division are the most recent entries, so you'll definitely want to check them out if you don't have the time to do your own investigating.

At this point, I assume we all know how Mythbusters works. Someone poses a question like “can you really shoot a car's engine and the whole thing will explode,” and the team of scientists puts the situation to a series of tests.

The world of video games is rife with similar quandaries, perhaps even moreso thanks to the fact that these worlds aren't based in reality. If someone says an enemy won't shoot you in an elevator, for instance, that's a handy trick to keep in mind if true.

That's where YouTubers like DefendTheHouse putting together videos like The Division Mythbusters series come in, answering some of the most pressing questions players have for the current hot ticket game.

In the series' most recent video, the team looks at the idea of whether or not you can kill enemies in the Dark Zone if you're not currently in that area yourself, and whether or not heartlessly slaying animals will trigger your various perks. They also take mobile cover for a spin, testing whether or not using the objects to keep baddies contained is a good idea.

So that's some pretty helpful information for The Division. If you manage to blow a hole in cover, you might be able to get a shot on your enemy through the object. Then again, it's probably easier just to wait for them to pop up and shoot them. That method would certainly save some bullets. Also, yes, you can certainly shoot into the Dark Zone if you aren't currently in its boundaries. So watch out for trolls next time you're trying to survive near the fringes.

In this second video, the team looks at killing more than one enemy with a well-placed sniper shot, as well as using contamination to kill off your enemies without having to get your own hands dirty.

Huh...It looks like baddies in The Division have some sort of fear of opening fire on a person standing in an elevator. Who knew? Also, no sniping two dudes at once, unfortunately, and you can't kill off your foes with poisoned air. Bummer.

So tell us, dear readers: Are you doing some mythbusting of your own in The Division? Fill us in on the results in the comments section below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.