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Ubisoft has been working with various YouTube outlets to produce a live-action series of shorts based around the mythos of The Division. The videos are set within the early parts of the outbreak as a select number of agents attempt to provide safety and help as society begins to break down.

Game Informer caught wind of the teaser trailer that outlines the live-action series from outlets Corridor Digital, Rocket Jump and Devin Supertramp. You can check out the teaser below, showcasing each of the short films that have been made.

Usually, live-action films based on video games aren't very good, but Ubisoft pays attention to new wave media and knew exactly who to go to in order to make the short films for The Division.

Some of the shorts have already been made and are pretty cool. The one from Corridor Digital is really intense. It's just under eight minutes and helps highlight how society is breaking down as the virus ravages the city. The Division agents, part of a secret protection agency, are called into action as carnage and chaos tears the public apart. You can see the clip below.

If Corridor Digital sounds familiar, it's because they were the same minds behind that really awesome Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon live-action short that went viral just before the game launched.

Rocket Jump also made a short that fit in line with their comedic nature. It gets serious eventually, but it's still typical Rocket Jump, the same ones from behind the Video Game High School series. Check it out below.

Devinsupertramp also had a short but it's basically just a chase through the city and isn't nearly as action packed as the others. You can check it out below.

And last but not least is the short that Ubisoft made that clocks in at 10 minutes. It's the longest and most action-packed of the shorts, and it's pretty cool. The music, the cinematography and action sets were pretty cool and it actually helps quell fans' hunger for The Division until its release. You can check it out below.

The Division has had a bit of trouble picking up steam when it comes to hype because many core gamers can't get over the fact that it's been severely downgraded based on the debut from a few years back in 2013.

The live-action trailers definitely help give the game a bit more gusto heading into its March release. Ubisoft also has a closed beta currently going on at the moment where select YouTubers have been given access to three hours of gameplay. The feedback on the title so far is that it has potential, but still needs some tweaks.

To be honest, the live-action shorts look a lot more fun than the actual game. Ubisoft might actually want to consider making a real web-series out of The Division instead of relying on just the game. The third-person multiplayer shooter is due for release on March 8 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.