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Like all popular online-centered games where millions of people are lining up to play, The Division has stumbled out of the gate with some server issues that have been affecting some gamers in the wee hours of the morning and throughout the early goings of the afternoon.

Shacknews is reporting that the launch day servers have been overwhelmed thanks to the millions of players who have all tried logging in at the same time to get in some game time with The Division.

According to the report, the morning was the worst. Gamers were hit left and right with login errors letting them know that the servers in the game were down. Ubisoft, however, was quick to address the issues and even let gamers know that they acknowledged the over-stressed servers, but that they would have things fixed up nice and neat before the day was out. Later in the day they made a post on the Ubisoft forums letting gamers know that the services have resumed as normal following the rocky launch.

Earlier this morning Shacknews reported that The Division producer Tony Sturtzel had stated that Ubisoft was pleased with the turnout and that they were ready for the game's launch. However, the servers were not ready at the time and things really came off the assembly line in a rather rough fashion.

However, like most MMOs with launch day blues, The Division isn't suffering from anything most gamers aren't already familiar with. With online-multiplayer games that are hugely popular there are always going to be some server issues at launch. Destiny suffered from it, The Crew had some server issues briefly, and most people run into problems accessing the online multiplayer modes in Call of Duty games on the day of release. Heck, even World of Warcraft will see its servers curb-stomped into the ground when a highly anticipated expansion pack releases for the game.

In this particular case, some gamers are a little peeved given that Ubisoft has been running closed and open beta tests for The Division leading up toward release. The game, in fact, just came off of a recent beta test specifically for the purpose of stress-testing servers to ensure that they would be clean and pristine for the launch. They also allowed Xbox One owners in early who pre-ordered the game to help mitigate some of the load. However, all the planning and beta testing still saw the game's servers get hammered on launch day.

Nevertheless, MMOs usually always have a tough go of it right out of the gate. With millions of people piling in to get in some game time, it usually takes a couple of days before things stabilize. Over on the forums Ubisoft is also acknowledging problems they're having with the servers, the stability and some of the issues people have been having with redeeming pre-order bonuses in-game. Expect things to be fully ironed out by the weekend.

The Division is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Gaming Blend's own Kayla has been able to log in just fine, so many of the launch day server issues may finally be behind Ubisoft.

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