PlayStation Home is set to get all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey later this week as content from the BBC’s hit series, Doctor Who, is set to land sometime during March 27. The year for said release is 2013 but, given the Doctor’s frequently less-than-exact accuracy with time travel, we may be waiting until 2037 for this update to actually come out. Then again, maybe it will have come out in 2010. Time travel makes all of this release date business a bit trickier.

Planned as the first in a series of Doctor Who releases for PlayStation Home, everyone’s favorite Time Lord is being brought to the masses by Loot and will feature multiple costumes, additional content and, yes, there is a Tardis. So what, exactly, can we expect of the Wave One content on March 27?

“Fans can deck themselves out in the Eleventh Doctor’s classic tweed jacket and bowtie outfit and even accessorize with the legendary Sonic Screwdriver,” said PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Manager Cade Peterson in the official announcement. “There are also some options for prospective Companions, too, starting with the River Song catsuit, complete with PDA accessory.”

You’ll also be able to dawn a couple of villain outfits, including a warrior Silurian and the ever-creepy Silence.

Along with a Cybermat companion, Homelings will also be able to snag a Tardis as a personal space or clubhouse, complete with a camera to record videos and upload them instantly to Youtube.

To help tide you over until March 27, maybe you’d like to take the Doctor Who game (PC/PS3/PSV) for a spin?

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