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The first PlayStation Network update of 2014 boasts a very simple message: Don’t Starve. That’s the name of the main title hitting virtual shelves this week and, given the otherwise light helping of content set to tide gamers over for the next seven days; I’d say it’s oddly fitting.

After a couple of weeks of extremely light content updates (Hey, those folks deserve a vacation too!), it looks like PSN’s first steps into the New Year won’t be offering much more in terms of new content, only boasting a handful of smaller new games. But I’m not greedy. What’s on offer looks pretty dang entertaining and, let’s be honest, we don’t need new game blowouts on a weekly basis. I’m sure you got a game or two for Christmas that still needs finishing up, right?

As for this week’s main game highlighted on the PlayStation Blog’s Drop, Don’t Starve looks to be bringing something truly unique to the PlayStation 4 crowd.

“Some days, you wake up in a warm bed—perhaps next to a loved one—and you start the day fresh, with the sweetness of a half-remembered dream lingering behind your eyes,” says Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements. “Other times, you wake up on a twisted island of dark horrors with a fast-depleting hunger meter and a growing beard. On those days, you’re likely playing Don’t Starve, which launches on the PS4 this week.”

This dark and humorous darling is finally making its way to home consoles, the latest in a long line of indie titles Sony seems to be making business as usual for the PlayStation 4. Clements goes on to describe Don’t Starve as an “uncompromising, randomly-generated survival game” wherein the player must survive in the harshest of environments for as long as humanly possible. You’ll pick up weapons and gear and learn new abilities along the way, frequently dying in this roguelike adventure game that will test your skills and patience in the most deviously wonderful of fashions.

Don’t Starve will be joined by a trio of other titles, including one for the [almost forgotten in the US] PlayStation Portable. The PSP will get its hands on a digital copy of Streetkix: Freestyle, a casual street soccer game with a few unique twists.

The cooperative puzzle game, Tiny Brains will make the jump from PS4 to PS3 this week, too, giving previous-gen gamers the chance to control adorably deranged critters with super powers on their quest to escape a sinister lab.

Finally, hidden object adventure game Twisted Lands: Shadow Town will be arriving on the PlayStation 3 this week, complete with a demo for those who like to try before they buy.

So there you have it: A light week, but not a bad one by any stretch. Look for everything listed above, along with the usual dose of DLC, videos, etc. to arrive on PlayStation consoles when this week’s regular update goes live Tuesday afternoon.

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