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John Carmack let loose some pretty big news at this year's QuakeCon, including a heartfelt speech to the PC gaming community about letting them down with the piss poor port of RAGE, and how the game failed so badly to meet the expectations of the audience that made id Software famous. Carmack also talked about Doom 4 and the 3D headset known as the Oculus Rift.

According to Toms Hardware, Carmack acquiesced what many gamers within the PC gaming community complained about after the release of RAGE and that they didn't quite do the community the proper service it deserved. But not so with Doom 4, apparently id Software will get back to the basics and reignite their roots with the fourth entry in the highly lauded FPS series.

What's more is that according to The Verge, Doom 4 won't be just another shooter focusing on “Me Too” principles. The game will make full use of the recently crowd-funded Kickstarter project from Oculus called the Rift, a 3D headset that John Carmack himself had been backing with quite a bit of verve since the 2012 E3 in June.

The Oculus Rift is a different kind of headset as it uses stereoscopic head-tracking to alter the 3D environment you experience in the game. The Kickstarter was a very proficient move by Oculus as it moved away from trying to promote the device as a consumer product and instead focused on the devkits to get up, out and about to as many developers as possible so that many upcoming games will easily have Rift 3D-headtracking support at launch. It's a brilliant move to say the least.

I imagine horror games will take on a whole new feeling of terror and scares with the Rift, given that it's going to feel like you're actually in the game. Can you imagine if a game like Amnesia: The Dark Descent used something like that? You'd need a lifetime of therapy to recover.

Anyways, Doom 4 will be one of those games that will utilize the Oculus Rift at launch. And speaking of launching...Carmack used the following saying to pinpoint a timeframe for the release of the upcoming shooter, saying...
"Every decade there will be a Doom," ... "but hopefully we can do better than that."

Can we chalk that up to a “Done when it's done” paradigm or does it mean we can expect it to launch sometime within the next 10 years? Either way, Doom 4 is coming.