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Today BioWare released three pieces of concept art from Dragon Age 3 through their official blog. If you were underwhelmed with the visual style of previous games in the series, these images probably won't do anything for you.

The third picture is the only one of interest. It shows a grassland with a procession of wagons in the distance. In the foreground, a tribal warrior watches them.

The other two images - a castle and a ruined keep - are much less intriguing. They just seem like run-of-the-mill, medieval fantasy scenes. That's always been my larger beef with Dragon Age: it's tough to distinguish from any other fantasy settings out there.

The castle does hint at one of the interesting features of DA3, though. BioWare has said that players will be able to build their own keep and manage it. There's no reason why it should look exactly like every other castle we've seen in a fantasy comic/movie/game, however.

BioWare formally announced Dragon Age 3 last month. They promised a larger world, more customization and more player decisions.