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One of the most epic fights in Dragon Ball history is about to begin as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z finally launches on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Ever wanted to create a personalized Goku and have him team up with three other characters from the DBZ universe (or three more customized versions of Goku, for that matter) and beat the stuffing out of pretty much every villain the series has ever known? Well, starting this Tuesday you can do exactly that thanks to the unique spin on familiar mechanics Battle of Z is bringing to the table.

For those who may have missed it, the sheen washed off of Battle of Z for me rather quickly once I realized that the combat system felt a little limited and multiplayer battles were, in the early goings at least, more of a hectic punch-a-thon than an entertaining battle. But don't let that stop you from giving the game a try, as a demo is currently available on the Vita and, hey, that's just my own opinion. Being a demo, it's entirely possible that there are whole other levels of content and customization just waiting to be dug into, so I'm not ready to write the game off by any means.

Producer Kunio Hashimoto wants you to give Battle of Z a try, too, as he recently touted the PS3 release on the PlayStation Blog. As he mentions in the comments (which are full of people who enjoyed the demo quite a bit more than myself, apparently), everything Hashimoto says about the PS3 version of Battle of Z goes for the Vita version, too, as it'll be landing day and date as a digital product. It's also part of the Vita Play promotion, for those of you trying to earn some cash back.

Battle of Z features an enormous roster of Z warrior,” Hashimoto boasts in his recent post. “With up to eight character gathering in one place to do battle, players can never let their guard down during the intense action. With so many warriors fighting at once, these battles surely give players a sense of camaraderie in hyper-fast gameplay.”

Hashimoto goes on to discuss the game's customization options, which allow players to fine-tune individual fighters to their proffered abilities and styles.

“For fans that love to play with character abilities, they can now be greatly increased through customization via cards,” he explains. “Players can also expand upon their battle style by changing Regulations in the online team battle setting. By changing these settings, you can fight against one other player and have the A.I. Control the rest of the characters.”

And lets not forget about the single player campaign, which basically takes you through an abridged version of the entire DBZ saga. Look for Battle of Z this Tuesday on both the PS3 and Vita, as well as the Xbox 360.
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