The sixth and final character-driven trailer for upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStaiton Vita game, Dragon’s Crown, has finally made an appearance, introducing players to the Fighter.

Easily the most clothed character in the lot, the Fighter is an absolute bruiser in this four-player dungeon-crawler coming from Vanillaware, relying on his trusty sword and shield to dish out punishment and withstand attacks from the enemy. The Fighter looks to be able to pummel his on the ground or in the air, with good-sized combos that shake the screen with their ferocity.

When Dragon’s Crown releases this summer, it will mix classic dungeon-crawling beat-em-up action with RPG elements seldom seen in the genre, including upgradable skills and abilities, NPCs to interact with and side missions to tackle.

The game will feature six playable classes, each offering their own strengths, weaknesses and unique fighting styles. Vanillaware has released a trailer per week revealing each of these characters and, along with the Fighter video above, you can also check out videos for the Amazon, the Elf, the Dwarf, the Wizard and the Sorceress.

If you’re looking to tackle some classic arcade smaction (I created a word blending “smashing” and “action” to save us some time) that looks absolutely beautiful to boot, then look for Dragon’s Crown to arrive on the PS3 and Vita on Aug. 6. For more details, visit the Dragon’s Crown official website.

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