Continuing the month-long trend, Vanillaware is ready to give the next playable characters in its upcoming PS3/Vita co-op bash-em-up a moment in the spotlight. Introducing the Amazon. What she lacks in clothing she makes up for in brute strength.

Due out on Aug. 6, Dragon's Crown is a throwback to multiplayer brawlers of old, like Gauntlet, but with a healthy dose of RPG thrown in for good measure. The game stars six playable characters. Joining the Amazon are the Wizard, the Dwarf, the Elf, the Sorceress and the Fighter. Now that we've seen a video for all of the characters except the Fighter on a weekly basis, you can look forward to that final character reveal trailer to arrive sometime early next weekend.

In the game, players will be able to team up as any combination of these four classes in order to interact with townsfolk, take on missions, dive into dungeons, battle monsters, swipe look and upgrade their character. Aside from a few well-documented controversial design choices that I won't even bother diving back into in this particular post, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. The fighting also looks top-notch, as you can see from this latest video.

It looks like the Amazon is going to be another solid close quarters option, relying on her trusty ax and a multitude of kicks (and was that a butt drop?) to vanquish her foes.

Look for the final character trailer next week, but don't expect the media train to stop running then. This game doesn't come out until Aug. 6, so expect to hear a lot more about Dragon's Crown in the coming months.

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