Capcom's latest trailer lays out the story for their medieval action RPG Dragon's Dogma today. It's a three-minute long animated comic featuring a dragon, a raspy voice, and heart surgery.

A dragon attacks a village inhabited by the game's hero Savan. After killing Savan's father, the dragon takes out the young man's heart. Somehow, though, he doesn't die and he embarks on a quest to find this dragon and kill it.

It's not the clearest story trailer I've ever watched. They use a lot of terminology (Pawns, the Arisen) that they don't explain. If you've never heard of Dogma before or read anything about the lore, you'll probably be a bit lost. Still, there's going to be four of these videos in total so perhaps together they'll present a more coherent intro to the game.

Dragon's Dogma will launch on May 22nd in North America and on the 25th in Europe.

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