Capcom released the official story trailer for Dragon's Dogma, the upcoming open-world action-RPG that follows in a similar vein to EA and 38 Studios' Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The new story trailer for the game features a lone hero who must battle through corruption, evil and some pesky dragons in order to restore peace and freedom to the land.
Graphically the game looks about on par to every other action-RPG out there and gameplay wise you won't see any of the fancy non-targeting mechanics that the game is known for in the story trailer below. Instead, we finally get to see a bit of why the game has Dragon in its title and how the dragon in the game affects the main plot.

The video was pretty action packed and the whole "fate of the world in your hands" motto was nice but to be completely honest, I still have no idea what the game is really about based on that trailer. I guess that's what fact sheets are for, eh?

For the sake of comparison I must say that both Dragon Age and Kingdoms of Amalur did a much better job of setting up their respective stories rather efficiently, especially Reckoning which has a rather complex plot involving a player's created character.

You can look for Dragon's Dogma to land on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on May 22nd. The game also contains an exclusive demo to Resident Evil 6, so even if you're not into medieval-fantasy RPGs, you can consider Dragon's Dogma as a $60 payment for early access to's a win-win situation. For more info on the game feel free to pay a visit to the Official Website.

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