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Capcom released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open-world action-RPG, Dragon's Dogma. The new trailer features a group of adventurers who happen upon one big, nasty, mean dragon and an equally big, nasty, mean fight ensues.

Dragon's Dogma is basically Capcom's answer to EA's Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and EA's other RPG series, Dragon Age. Gamers will basically create a character and discover a destiny that involves saving the land from an ancient and rising evil. It's typical medieval-fanfare. The real highlight of Dragon's Dogma resides in its technically astute combat system that allows for things like hanging off the side of a dragon's scaly neck and poking it in the face with a knife.

If the above trailer wasn't enough to get you all giddy with excitement, perhaps the new batch of screenshots will turn your attention into exhilaration. The shots show off the alternative ways in which to engage a dragon in combat, further highlighting what was already on display in the trailer above.

You can pre-order Dragon's Dogma right now for the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC. The game is set for release this spring on May 22nd. For more info feel free to visit the game's Official Website.

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