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Due out this August in Japan, Square-Enix's Dragon Quest X is shaping up to be an amazing looking game. Even though it's due out for both the Wii and Wii U, sadly we only see the Wii version on display, but even then there is a heck of a lot that gamers get to see.

First and foremost, the customization is very deep in this game. You can check everything from the build and race of your character to their facial features, hair and everything else in between.

What's more is that players can customize more than just the lead character. As you travel throughout the world and establish yourself as an adventurer, your teammates can also be altered by buying mercenaries from the shop. You can then customize the mercs after you purchase them to suit your playing style. Cool stuff.

The video also covers the game's crafting mechanics, the tailor options and the blacksmithing. Just about everything you could expect from a well-rounded RPG makes an appearance in Dragon Quest X. You can check out it out in the near 11 minute video below courtesy of GameTrailers.

Even though this game is classified as an MMORPG, it looks a heck of a lot like a classic RPG. This, I feel, is a huge step up for the genre because one of the biggest problems is that most multiplayer RPGs don't feel like you're really grounded in a believable game world, it just kind of feels like a giant server with scattered clusters of farm-worthy mobs and fetch-quests.

Even still, the good part about Dragon Quest X is that it's due out this August in Japan. So the wait won't be very long and players will be able to hop into the world of Astoltia and start adventuring. You can learn more about the game over at the Official Website but you'll probably need to run it through Google Translate first.

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