The highly anticipated game that pits the epic forces of Unicorns versus Dragons is still a ways off. However while you wait for Dragons Vs Unicorns to launch Digital Harmony is planning on releasing another game for mobile devices and browsers called Chin-Up.

I had the pleasure of playing this addictive little piece of software briefly, ahead of its launch, and I must say that it is addictive. The concept behind the game is rather simplistic, putting players in the shoes of a little Chinese guy on an unstable platform trying to go as high as he can while dodging ridiculous objects.

The objective of the game is simply to rack up a ton of points while collecting power-ups along the way. Some fast-fusion, East-Asia, pop-techno kind of rounds out the experience...and did I mention that it's hard enough to become addictive? Well yes, it's very hard and the challenge of staying alive kind of makes it addictive. It seems like the word addictive has been thrown around a lot.

Anyways, playing with the mouse was a little tricky but I imagine it will work a lot smoother on mobile phones with touch-screen support. It's a very challenging game given that the character slides around like his feet were dipped in bikini wax. Luckily, the objects slide off the little platform just as easily as the hero so it's not too hard to keep the platform clean of anvils, bombs, clothes, and numerous other items.

Chin-Up is set for release next week for browsers, iOS and Android phones. You can learn more about Chin-Up and Digital Harmony Games by visiting the Official Website.

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