Draw Slasher is headed to the PlayStation Vita next Tuesday, April 23, evolving the formula of games like Fruit Ninja to include full character control, platforming and even a story. Sure, it's a story about killing pirate monkey zombies, but is that really such a farfetched idea in the world of video games?

The above trailer highlights Draw Slasher's mechanics pretty well. Rather than just swipe across items on the screen to destroy them, you also have to use swipes and taps to control an adorable, deadly ninja. You might need to tap the screen carefully to move the ninja through obstacles or you might need to swipe up and over an enemy attack to guide him to safety. When you're on the offensive, your deadly attacks consist of simply drawing lines through your oncoming enemies, all with the Vita's touch screen. Yes, it's basically an evolution of Fruit Ninja, something developer Mass Creation seems to openly admit with a quick glimpse of watermelon slashing in the trailer.

Announced through the PlayStation Blog, Draw Slasher will release for $5.99 on the PlayStation Vita next Tuesday. Three game modes are on offer, including story, enless arcade and challenges. You'll unlock new abilities as you go along, as well as unlock trophies and add your high scores to the game's leaderboard.

“We tried very hard to make the mechanics simple to understand and entertaining at the same time,” said Mass Creation Producer Artur Gosk. “We really hope you'll enjoy this fresh approach to the slasher genre, and get some serious scores when you're slicing up pirate monkey zombies.”

To try you hand (or finger, really) at exactly that, look for Draw Slasher to hit PSN on April 23.

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