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OMGPOP's highly popular casual game, Draw Something, could be suffering from casual gamer fatigue, as a new report indicates that millions of gamers are giving up on the casual drawing game, moving on to smaller and not-necessarily-better games.

According to Side Mission WebMediaBrands is saying that based on their initial reports, OMGPOP's title is seeing a drop of nearly five million users, going from 14.3 million users down to 10.4 million daily users between April 2nd and May 2nd.

OMGPOP now belongs to one of the largest gaming publishers in the world, Zynga. They were originally bought out for a breezy $180 million dollars, mostly because of the success of Draw Something, which caused a bit of controversy thereafter. According to the BBC News, even though Zynga believes it's one of the fastest growing casual games on Facebook, the service is allegedly bleeding its members very quickly, dropping from its 3,000 drawings per second mark.

However, is the news really all that surprising? The casual gaming market is, for a lack of a better word, fickle. Most casual gamers play a game for a bit and then move on to something else, it's the reason it's called "casual gaming". However, dropping from 14.3 million to 10.4 million users over the course of a month still isn't that bad, a lot of developers just wish they could maintain a million concurrent users at a time, so it's all good in the Zynga camp.

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