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Driving fans have a lot to look forward to on Sony consoles this fall as two titles at complete opposite ends of the speed spectrum careen onto the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Get ready for new details and videos for Jet Car Stunts and Driveclub.

Whether you’re looking for realism or over-the-top antics in your driving game, a couple of developers have your bases covered in the coming months. First up is Jet Car Stunts, slated to arrive on the PS3 and Vita this July with a PS4 launch in August. A cross-play title, gamers on all versions of the game will be able to interact with one another and compete for top spots on various leaderboards. Jet Car Stunts will also be cross-buy on the PlayStation 3 and Vita, with owners of either of those versions getting a discount on the PS4 version. According to the game announcement, you’re looking at a price point of $7.99 for this one.

Wondering what all of that zany racing action looks like in motion? Well, check it out…

According to Grip Games CEO Jakum Mikyska, Jet Car Stunts aims to offer players a completely unique racing experience, something more akin to playing with Hotwheels than hitting a real world track. The fact that said tracks are positioned miles above the earth was pretty much a dead giveaway on that particular point.

“You’ll be flying in the air, racing on narrow tracks and using jets to reach supersonic speeds,” he said. “Jet Car Stunts is a hybrid between a racing game and a platformer. The tracks are devious, the pace is ruthless and your opponents are the best racers on PSN.”

If, however, you’re looking for a more realistic racer with wheels planted firmly on the ground, then you might want to check out Driveclub, set to hit the PS4 about a year later than originally planned (It was going to be a console launch title, after all) on October 7.

While a slimmed down PlayStation Plus version of the game is still planned for those who are only interested in a sampling of what Driveclub has to offer, the full retail version will provide dozens of additional tracks and locations, as well as a whole bunch of fancy sports cars to get behind the wheel of. Here’s the new video showing off all of that driving goodness, lifted craftily from the PlayStation Blog.

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