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Trendy Entertainment has kind of turned Dungeon Defenders into microtransaction monster. The good part, though, is that all the additional DLC is fairly cheap and they release new updates and content for the game every couple of weeks.

The newest character addition to Dungeon Defenders, the tower-defense action-RPG, is a Barbarian class who can dual-wield weapons and lay some serious smackdown on opponents in close-range melee combat.

The new mission pack includes three new Assault maps, where players will be in reverse roles, having to attack four crystals as opposed to defending them. It's a unique little twist on the typical Dungeon Defenders paradigm.

You can check out some of the Barbarian's stance abilities below, which will give you an idea of how to play the class. Both the Barbarian and the Assault Pack DLC are currently available at 33% off for the remainder of this week. For more info or the option to purchase the game, feel free to visit the Official Website.

The Barbarian Hero Class has the following fighting stances:
• Tornado Stance – Run faster, attack quicker, jump higher, and push back enemies with a flurry of quick, low damage attacks.
• Lightning Stance – Use the power of lightning to stun your enemies as your attacks make contact, while taking a small amount of damage for each hit.
• Siphon Stance – Sacrifice some of your resistances to steal life from your enemies as you damage them.
• Turtle Stance – Enter this protective stance to greatly increase your resistances, but reduce your movement speed and jump height.
• Hawk Stance – Summon the powers of the mighty hawk to deal a massive amount of damage in your next attack.

Discover new ways to dominate the battlefield by combining any two of these fighting stances simultaneously, or using these powerful abilities:
• Battle Leap Ability – This ability allows the Barbarian to quickly close the distance to far-off enemies with a powerful leap attack.
• Battle Pound Ability – This is powerful radial ability allows the Barbarian to decimate any nearby enemies.

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