For those of you looking to wreak a bit of havoc on the world of mortals, the folks at Kalypso Media have announced that their dungeon-builder/strategy game, Dungeons 2, is set to hit the PlayStation 4 on April 26.

How many times have you played the hero in a video game? From Skyrim to Diablo, Dark Souls and beyond, you’re usually the guy or gal donning a suit of armor and raising your trusty weapon against the forces of evil. You move from dungeon to dungeon, room to room, smashing baddies and collecting loot.

Well, that’s not how the team at Kalypso Media rolls, apparently. According to their recent announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Dungeons 2 is all about being the bad guy, allowing players to populate creepy corridors and dangerous rooms with all manner of monsters and traps. And you’ll get to do exactly that come April 26 on the PlayStation 4.

In Dungeons 2, you take on the role of Dungeon Lord, a being of untold evil powers who has found themselves stuck between realms. For the first half of the game, you’ll take control of the “Hand of Terror,” a literal hand that you can guide around the environments to build your forces and trigger your minions to leap into action.

We’ve seen games similar to Dungeons 2 and its precursor in the past, but what sets this one apart is the transition that takes place midway through the game. When your forces are ready to do some invading of their own, the game switches to more traditional RTS mechanics, allowing you to plot your devastation of the Overworld and then watch the chaos unfold. But whether you’re battling below ground or above, the action unfolds in real time, meaning you’ll have to think on your feet if you want to overthrow those puny humans.

Lead Producer Christian Schlutter warns that Dungeon 2 “isn’t easy and it may take a few tries to find your rhythm,” but promises that the sweet reward of lording your dominance over humans will be worth the effort. There’s also the ability to play tackle four-player online battles, in case you want to feel even more badical for trouncing actual human opponents.

Finally, the PS4 version of the game will include all of Dungeon 2’s previous DLC on the disc or through the digital version of the game. Starting DLC will include “A Chance of Dragons,” “A Song of Sand and Fire” and “ A Clash of Pumpkins,” each of which adds an additional trio of skirmish maps to enjoy. You’ll also get the Morningwood and Pixie Village maps at no extra charge.
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