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Techland and Warner Bros. Games released a new trailer for Dying Light. It's not really a story trailer and it certainly isn't a gameplay trailer, but it's more like a vignette setting up the world of the game and how far to the brink of extinction “humanity” has been pushed.

The trailer is more art and entertainment than anything else. Little is explained about the game that most core gamers didn't already know: things are bad, you're in a bad place and things are only going to get worse.

The scenario lends itself well to a unique experience insofar that I have no idea how there's going to be a happy ending out of a game where things just keep on getting worse. The real hook of the game – as hinted at in the trailer – is that things elevate in both intensity and danger when the light dies and night falls.

Players will have to content with a far more aggressive enemy as they battle to complete the objectives and save people from the massive hordes while battling against that always present factor of time and the degradation of light.

Along the way there are traps and tricks that players can utilize to help them overcome the massive amount of zombie hordes. So far, the trailers have shown no indication of weapons perfectly suited to fight off the night breed, but I'm sure there's some sort of over-powered feature or ability, otherwise I can imagine a bunch of gamers getting angry that they can't Call of Duty their way through the more difficult enemies.

For those of you wondering what actually sets the gameplay in Dying Light apart from countless other zombie games, such as State of Decay, DayZ or Dead Rising 3, the game sports a heavy focus on environmental travel. That may sound trite and dull but take into consideration that the game is tuned around parkour, almost identical to the way it was presented in DICE's marvelously crafted Mirror's Edge.

Personally, the game's intensity and originality is mostly housed in the fact that running across rooftops and having to use the environment as a tool for travel is what helps Dying Light maintain an air of personality. You can't always fight off the hordes, so using whatever route possible to get around and get away has to be utilized in any way that you can.

Whether or not Techland honed the game down to a streamlined experience with enough intensity to flesh out a good eight hour or so experience remains to be seen, but you at least have to give them props for trying something different... sort of.

Dying Light is set for release on consoles and PC this spring. You can learn more about the game by paying a kind visit to the official website.
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