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Koei recently released some new video trailers for Dynasty Warriors 6 and it features both male and female created warriors, and it even goes so far as to showcase how players pick weapons and do battle on the war-fields.

Featuring more playable characters than any previous Dynasty Warrior game, DW6: Empires is all about showing players that Koei is very giving in the sense that the roster can be extended even further with custom warriors. I’m not sure if it’s completely necessary with a game that boasts as many fighters that it does, but who am I to complain if the company just wants their fighter list to keep on growing?

As you’ll see in the following trailers, there is a huge variety of customizable options available for both male and female genders. One thing that gamers should note is that there are options available to create iconic video legends such as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid or Haomaru from the Samurai Showdown series.

The trailers aren’t long (and possibly spend a little too much time on the fighting and not the creating) but already the game looks like it offers an incredibly deep create-a-warrior feature that will more than likely end up as one of the game’s most promising highlights.

You can check out the new videos below or visit the Official Dynasty Warriors Website for more info on the upcoming title. For more gaming news, information, insight and media, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.