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Some brand new screenshots have emerged for Tecmo Koei's upcoming hack-and-slash, thousand army beat-e'm-up, Dynasty Warriors 8. The shots are contained to feature only a select few members of the grand roster in Omega Force's over-the-top portrayal of the trio of dynasty war heroes, but you'll be pleasantly surprised to see what sort of hardware a few of them come equipped with.

Gematsu managed to land their hands on the latest bits of visual snapshot media for the upcoming title, and it's definitely chuckle worthy.

Okay, so get this: the screenshots profile Jiang Wei, Guo Huai and Xia Houba. We get to see them in their armor, a standard pose and see them with their weapon of choice in action. This all sounds standard fare, right? Wrong. Some of the weapons are absolutely ridiculous.

Guo Huai's massive drill shooter is just unbelievably over the top. It's something you might expect to see in Saints Row. Even though the drill is just all kinds of silly, it doesn't hold a candle to the rocket-propelled blade gun that Xia Houba is using. I mean, that's some Final Fantasy or Monster Hunter stuff right there.

Still, Dynasty Warriors 8 is looking good for those of you who want an even more fantastical approach to the popular thousand army game series from Koei. You can check out the new screenshots of the characters below.