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With a few months left between now and the July 16 launch of Dynasty Warriors 8 Tecmo Koei has today announced a pair of new playable characters being added to the game’s already impressive cast of Chinese warlords, generals and soldiers. When the game launches later this year, the Wu kingdom will be bolstered by the presence of Lu Su and Han Dang.

We announced last month that Dynasty Warriors 8 will launch with a massive 70 playable characters coming from the Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin kingdoms. They’ll have the ability to duke it out in fast-paced and frantic combat set across 40 brand new stages in the game’s regular story mode and newly implemented “What if?” scenarios that break from the series’ historical ties to ponder what would have happened were a different warrior to win a decisive victory.

The Dynasty Warriors franchise has always been about over-the-top action, beautiful graphics and a healthy dose of history mixed with super human feats. Despite the lightning-fast combat, the game also sports a tactical side, putting a strong emphasis on knowing when to attack, where to send troops and when to regroup to fight off the opposition.

When the game releases, several new playable characters will appear on the roster, including the Wu kingdom’s Lu Su and Han Dang.

“Lu Su is a majestic governor-general who enjoys the trust of the people who surround him and acts as a capable diplomat seeking to put an end to the bloodshed of the war,” reads a statement from Tecmo Koei. “He is a very reliable man, comfortable in his role as a successor to the teachings of Zhou Yu and Lu Meng, and he always lends his excess resources to the needy in an attempt to fulfill his goal of surviving the turbulent times he lives in.”

Lu Shu will be joined by Han Dang who, “sometimes jealous of his overachieving fellow officers, is a gently humble and dependable leader and a quick and fearsome warror.”

Look for Lu Su and Han Dang to hit the battlefield when Dynasty Warriors 8 launches on July 16. For more information, visit the game’s official website.