Tecmo Koei is apparently going about things in a different way with Dynasty Warriors 8...so much so that they have a story trailer to help explain a game that recycles a story that's been retold by the company more times than Batman has been remade on film.

The story trailer for Dynasty Warriors 8 doesn't do anything you haven't already seen before and it's all in Japanese so you'll probably have a hard time understanding the sentiments of each character unless you're just overly familiarized with the story, which hasn't changed at all since the original Dynasty Warriors.

You can check out the new trailer below, courtesy of Dual Shockers.

One of the things that at least keeps the games fresh is improved weapon and fighting animations. I sure hope that they bring the game's combat mechanics up to par for today's generation of gaming. The canned combos from the previous games seem a bit tired compared to what other companies are managing to do with a lot of other technology out there these days.

You can look for Dynasty Warriors 8 to launch sometime this year for the PlayStation 3. The game will continue to capture all the thousand-army action that gamers love, but it remains to be seen if there will be any parity between the previous iteration and this latest game.

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