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E3 2007: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings DS Trailer

More Nintendo stuff coming at you! You asked for it and here it is: A new trailer of Final Fantasy XII for the Nintendo DS. Square fans can never get enough of their beloved series and Square-Enix can never get enough of their beloved fans’ money. So why not take a look at the new game trailer before you put your cash on the table?

I stopped being a Square fan a long time ago...probably around the time when they canceled Final Fantasy VII for the Nintendo 64. I’m not going to go into detail about how good the game looked, or how it actually had a connecting storyline to the best Final Fantasy game of all time (Final Fantasy VI). But I will say that the move by Square (because of Sony) was disheartening. However, they have made attempts to redeem their relationship with Nintendo fans over the years...releasing exclusive games and connecting series that satiated the Square-fan’s thirst. And thus, their latest outing for the handheld Final Fantasy market is a tactical-based game that reeks of awesomeness.

You can check out the trailer for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings below, and be sure to drop back in with our E3 Coverage Center for the latest news and updates from E3.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.