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Codenamed, NATAL, it will be the future of the Xbox 360’s interactivity. The new camera system works alongside the Xbox 360 but unlike the Wii-mote or the motion-bar that it works with, 360 users will no longer need controllers or any other device to use NATAL with all Xbox 360 products.

So, Microsoft has decided to attack Nintendo on their front by bringing in a 3D motion-sensing device that also has voice-recognition. What better way to sell this product than to get Steven Spielberg to help sell it? Well, that’s what Microsoft has done at this year’s E3 by bringing the legendary Hollywood director on stage to help sell the device he helped co-create.

Whether it’s interacting with Live Avatars, browsing movies, playing casual games or interacting with the latest hardcore games, project NATAL is a total body, total voice-recognition device that will work with the latest and greatest games.

Actually, it’s all kind of cool. For the Live Avatar’s it translates the NATAL’s recognition capabilities into full-motion capture, right in the comfort of a gamer’s living room. As stated in the presentation during the E3 press conference, you use full body control and motion that uses more than just “preset waggle commands” (oh, burn on Wii-mote users). NATAL's dev kits are currently being sent out to developers for the Xbox 360, starting today.

This is probably not going to sink in until you see some actual footage. Don’t worry, we’ll get it up as soon as possible. One of the new games to work with NATAL is Paint Party, presumably Microsoft’s answer to Wii Sports.

We’ll keep you posted on more E3 coverage and news, right here at Blend Games.

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