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So now EA is trying to re-revitalize the Need for Speed franchise with brand new features that people probably didn’t expect to see in the popular racing title, including on-foot segments and grand theft auto.

Most of Need for Speed: The Run continues to ensure the same quality of racing that most people have come to expect from the series, however the game combines a bit of the Fast and the Furious alongside outrunning cops and outrunning mobsters. What’s more is that the on-foot segments are aimed to break up some of the monotony of just racing in cars.

Don’t get your hopes up too high, though. Getting out of your car is part of scripted events that include QTE or quicktime events that includes timed button mashing to get clear of a specific scenario.

New gameplay footage was also released for the game to show off these fake-GTA segments. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, though, there’s still the Autolog features permeating throughout the gameplay experience to give gamers the most competitive online racing scenarios, ever.