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Ubisoft debuted a cinematic trailer for the newly-announced spy game Splinter Cell: Blacklist today. It re-introduces us to covert operative Sam Fisher and details his new employer.

It seems that the higher-ups in Washington have decided that they've had enough of secret agency Third Echelon and its violent ways. They've decided to shut it down. So, what's a covert agency to do? They reform as...Fourth Echelon.

In the trailer, Fisher rescues a hostage somewhere in the Middle East. It's about two minutes' worth of him hunting and killing terrorists. Par for the course with Splinter Cell, I suppose. The trailer did have one surprising bit, though: Fisher uses a miniature robot to scope out a room of terrorists before ambushing them.

Blacklist will arrive on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in spring 2013.

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